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Ecamm Gear Guide & Recommended Equipment
Ecamm Gear Guide & Recommended Equipment

Our list of recommended cameras, mics and accessories

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We created Ecamm Live to be easy enough for you to be up and running with professional quality live broadcasts with just a Mac, a microphone, and a camera, but we know that as your business grows and you get more proficient with live video streaming, you’ll want to add on some different equipment and software to take your streams to the next level. So we’ve put together a list of recommended equipment. We also have recommended apps and services and recommended graphics and overlay packages.

Recommended Equipment

We've had the opportunity to test out a wide range of equipment for use with Ecamm Live. Here are some third-party products that we recommend for use with the software.

Note: Ecamm may receive revenue when you make an Amazon purchase using the links below.

There are lots of fantastic cameras to choose from when it comes to live streaming and video production with Ecamm. In the Amesbury Studio, we use the Sony A6400 mirrorless camera with a Sigma 16mm e-lens. We love the Sony because the quality is fantastic, it streams and records in up to 4K, and the autofocus is fantastic.

We're big fans of the Shure MV7 microphone because it offers you the flexibility to use it as either an XLR or USB microphone. The quality is fantastic and it's light enough that you can bring it with you if you're traveling. Perfect for streaming, podcasting, or just using in meetings and webinars.

Want to add your brand's colors to this microphone? Shop for windscreens.

We use the Rodecaster Pro II to connect multiple microphones, mix audio, trigger sound effects, and more. Plus, it looks awesome in our studio. Win win.

We use the Nanlite Forza 60 as our main light in the studio. We can control it manually or with an app.

These powerful tube lights are perfect for adding a pop of light (or color) into your shot. We use ours in our background to add a pop of blue light behind our bookshelf.

Elgato Stream Deck
Stream Deck is a dynamic key pad for running your live show. Ecamm Live includes a native Stream Deck plugin which adds custom actions including scene switching, sound effects and more.

Loupedeck Live
Stream Deck is another dynamic key pad for running your live show. Ecamm Live includes a native Stream Deck plugin which adds custom actions including scene switching, sound effects and more.

We plug in and connect all of our cameras, the Rodecaster Pro II, Stream Decks, Loupedecks, and more to our Thunderbolt Dock.

TOTU 8-in-1 USB-C Hub with HDMI and Ethernet
Looking for a smaller, more affordable option than the OWC? We really like this TOTU hub. We use it to connect our Stream Deck, mic, power, cable, CamLink 4K, and even an HDMI display, all at the same time. As an added bonus, it even includes an ethernet jack!

Elgato Cam Link 4K
The Cam Link is another recommend HDMI encoder. It connects via USB 3.0, and supports 4K resolution for compatible cameras.

Ultra HD Mini HDMI to HDMI Cable
We found this to be the perfect cable to run between the Canon EOS RP to the Elgato Cam Link 4K. Other HDMI cables that we tried did not work at all, because of the high data rate required for 4K video.

Vanguard Alta Pro Tripod
You'll also want a tripod for your camera. We recommend using a sturdy full-height tripod.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
A USB audio interface is a device for connecting any non-USB microphones, such as a handheld mic or lavalier. Simply plug it into the Mac, and connect your microphone.

Elgato Retractable Green Screen
Elgato's screen sets up and stows away a bit like magic. At 5 feet wide, it's far too narrow for wide-angle webcams, but it's a great match when using a DSLR.

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