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Our list of recommended software and web services.

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We created Ecamm Live to be easy enough for you to be up and running with professional quality video with just a Mac, a microphone, and a camera, but we know that as your business grows and you get more proficient with live streaming, podcasting, webinars, video recordings, and more, you’ll want to add on some different equipment and software to take your productions to the next level. So we’ve put together this list of recommended apps and services. We also have a list of recommended equipment and recommended graphics and overlay packages.

If you're an active Ecamm member, you can get discounts for most of these products by visiting our perks page.

Use the power of AI & skip the hard part of editing videos. Remove video backgrounds, filler words & background noise. Clone your voice. Grab transcriptions of your videos. All in one click.

Captivate gives you the freedom and flexibility to make podcasting yours. Create and distribute unlimited podcasts, get advanced analytics, monetize and promote in one simple, easy-to-use dashboard.

Enjoy more stable and secure livestreaming, video calling, gaming, and web browsing.

Speedify is the only app that can combine multiple internet sources into one bonded super-connection!

Use your phone's camera as a webcam and access powerful effects and adjustments with Camo.

Use your phone's camera as a webcam and access powerful effects and adjustments with Shoot Pro Webcam.

With Beat Sheet, you can plan and organize your show (presentation, webinar, meeting) in advance and turn your talking points into a simple sequence.

Draw anything on your iPad. Bring it onto your live show, presentation, webinar, training video, and more.

Make church online engaging. Increase the number of returning visitors, deepen the quality of engagement, and actually know who is attending your online church services. Plus, you can replace all your Zoom subscriptions with one Altar Live account.

Multiply your audience with Restream. Easily stream to Twitch, Mixer, YouTube and 30+ other platforms simultaneously. Ecamm Live has a built-in integration with Restream, so you can connect automatically and broadcast to wherever you’d like, whenever you’d like.

Switchboard allows you to simultaneously live stream across the most popular social media channels, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch. Ecamm Live has a built-in integration with Switchboard. Simply select Switchboard from the destination menu, login, and you’ll be up and running. 

OneStream is a cloud-based tool to create real-time or pre-recorded events and live stream to Facebook, YouTube Live, Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram, and 40 other streaming destinations. Ecamm Live has a built-in integration with OneStream Live, so you can select it from the destination menu and be up and running with multistreaming in minutes.

Find out more about OneStream Live

TubeBuddy is a FREE browser extension & mobile app that integrates directly into YouTube to help you run your channel with ease.

Prezi Logo Vector (.AI) Free Download

Prezi helps you create inspiring, engaging visuals in minutes that appear alongside you as you present. Record to share later or go live with Ecamm Live to your favorite platform. Prezi comes into Ecamm Live as a virtual camera.

Using NewBlue’s titler products, you can add professional quality effects, transitions, graphics, and titling to your live broadcasts. Create whatever you need in NewBlue and seamlessly bring the titles into Ecamm Live via NDI input.


This unique app turns your iPhone into a powerful network camera, using the NDI IP Video Protocol, so you can use it as a camera source in Ecamm Live.


ProPresenter is a worship and presentation software for live events.  It seamlessly displays lyrics and media specifically to make high-quality live productions easy – including worship gatherings, sporting events, conferences, trade shows, or studio broadcasts. 

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