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Graphics Packages and Overlays for Ecamm Live
Graphics Packages and Overlays for Ecamm Live

Here are some of our recommended graphics packages, overlays, and tutorials to improve your live stream videos with branded assets.

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With Ecamm Live, you can create just about any layout you can imagine using our Overlays feature. Simply drag and drop in your logo, animations, video clips, title graphics, and more to give your live stream broadcast or pre-recorded videos a professional and unique look.

Want to learn more about how to design your own graphics in Ecamm Live using only Text Overlays? Check out BuildingBlocks with ana and Fuljens. New episodes are live every Friday at 10am Eastern on YouTube.

Want to download ana and Fuljens' vertical video templates for Ecamm Live? Grab them right here.

If you need inspiration or want a template to get started, we recommend the following creators and websites.

Bradley Teaches

Bradley Vinson has a ton of amazing overlay and animation packages available for purchase and a plethora of tutorial videos showing you how you can easily make your own graphics for Ecamm Live using Keynote.

Live Streaming Pros

Luria Petrucci and the team at Live Streaming Pros have great overlay packages, countdown timers, and animated call-to-action graphics. All of the LSP graphics for Ecamm Live are quick to install and come with detailed how-to videos to get you up and running quickly.

Let's Get Live

Doc Rock, Diana Gladney, and David Blackmon have a great collection of overlay packages available geared towards fitness instructors, churches and houses of worship, and content creators. All graphics are quick and easy to install and are editable.



Looking for a ton of professional options to take your live streaming and video graphics up a notch? Check out eOverlays. This overlay shop has a ton of great options for all kinds of use cases and they all work beautifully in Ecamm Live.

Marshall Fox

Retro Overlay Pack

Marshall Fox's graphics are truly outstanding. He offers both overlay packages and LUTs for use in Ecamm Live.

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