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Using Elgato Stream Deck with Ecamm Live
Using Elgato Stream Deck with Ecamm Live

Ecamm Live includes a StreamDeck plugin with 28 custom actions.

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Elgato's Stream Deck product line is a great way to control your Ecamm Live broadcasts. 

Elgato also makes an iOS version of Stream Deck, which turns your iPhone or iPad into a full-featured wireless Stream Deck!

Ecamm Live includes a plugin, which adds 31 custom actions to your Stream Deck. 

Upon opening Ecamm Live, if the Stream Deck software is detected, you will be prompted to install the plugin. 

Once installed, scroll down in the Stream Deck app's list of actions to find the Ecamm Live section. 

Ecamm Live Custom Actions

Action keys can be added and customized as needed. To add an action to your Stream Deck, drag it from the sidebar to the desired key location.

Some actions have additional settings that need to be configured before use. Select a key to configure its action.

The Ecamm Live custom actions include:

Go Live

This action will provide a Go Live key (or Finish key during a broadcast.) It will also change to a Record key when in Record-Only mode.

The Go Live key can be set to go live to a specific destination with a pre-supplied title and description or to go live to the currently selected upcoming broadcast.


A pause/resume key, used only for Record-Only mode.


Publish in Preview Mode.

Preview Mode

Enter or exit Preview Mode.

Run Scene

Your Scenes from Ecamm Live will be listed in the popup menu. To configure, pick the desired scene. 

A green rectangle around the key's icon will indicate the current Scene.

Next Scene / Previous Scene

Move sequentially through the Scenes in your Scenes window. 

Show/Hide Overlay

Show or hide an overlay from the Overlays window. To configure, select an overlay from the Overlays window.

Play Animation

Play an animated overlay from the Overlays window. To configure, select an overlay from the Overlays window. (It will only list the animated overlays.)

Play Sound

A quick way to play music or a sound effect. To configure, select a sound file from the Finder or from the list of Sound Effects. Additional settings include volume level and an option for playback behavior. (Play/Stop, Play/Restart, or Loop/Stop)  

Note that this action should always be used in place of Stream Deck's built-in Soundboard: Play Audio action, as Play Audio will not automatically route the sound into your Ecamm Live broadcast. 

Reaction Effect

Trigger a macOS Sonoma reaction animation. (Requires macOS 14.1 or newer.)

Stop Sound

Stop the currently playing music or sound effect.

Camera Switcher

Use this action to switch to a specific camera when multiple cameras are connected. To configure, select the desired camera. A checkbox is also provided to indicate whether or not to switch to Camera mode. (Uncheck this checkbox to trigger a camera switch without switching to Camera mode, for example, if you're in Screenshare mode with a picture-in-picture window.)

Screenshare Mode

This action will switch to Screenshare mode.

Show/Hide PIP

This action toggles the picture-in-picture window. When in Camera mode, it will switch between split-screen mode and PIP mode.

Add Last Comment

Show the most recent comment as an Overlay.

Hide Last Comment

Hide the last promoted comment overlay.Live Demo Mode

This action will toggle on and off to Live Demo mode.

Post Comment

Post a pre-written chat comment. Posting a comment works for YouTube, Facebook Business Pages, and Twitch.


Mute an audio channel. Press the action again to unmute.

Show Hide Controls

This action will hide and show the main window's control buttons.

Live Demo Mode

This action toggles Live Demo Mode.

Show Hide Controls

This action will toggle the controls in the Ecamm main window on and off.


This action displays the viewer count from the current streaming platform. Pressing the key does not do anything.

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Next PDF Page

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Play Video

Roll a pre-recorded video. To configure, select a video from the Finder or pick from your recently played videos.

Pressing the action a second time will end the video and return to the previous mode.

Add Marker

Add a chapter marker. This will add the time index, and optionally some text, to a text file in your Recordings folder.

Interview Keys

Control the Interview Mode host and guest action buttons. Choose from SOLO, ADD LEFT, and ADD RIGHT.

The SOLO key can also be used to accept an incoming guest connection.

Switch Profile

Switch to a different Ecamm Live profile.

Stream Deck+ Dials

Elgato's StreamDeck+ adds dials for controlling Ecamm Live:

Input Level

Adjust the input level (volume) of each audio channel.

Select Scene

Select a scene in the Scenes window. Press the dial to select the scene.

Select Overlay

Select an overlay in the Overlays window. Press the dial to show or hide the overlay.

Select Sound

Select a sound in the Sound Effects window. Press the dial to play the sound.


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