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Syncing Audio and Video By Adding Mic Delay
Syncing Audio and Video By Adding Mic Delay

Learn how to adjust mic delay when audio and video are not synced up.

Updated over a week ago

In most cases, audio and video arrive from input sources more or less simultaneously. However some video sources my have latency introduced by a slow encoder, causing audio and video that aren’t synced up. (One example of this would be video arriving from an encoder such as an Elgato Cam Link 4K, with audio arriving from a different source such as a USB microphone.)

In this case, you may wish to add a slight delay to your audio input. To do this, adjust the Mic Delay slider in the Audio section of Ecamm Live's Preferences. 

You Will Not See the Mic Delay Adjustment in Real Time

Note that you'll only see the results of the adjustments when watching a live stream or playing back a recording. We recommend using Ecamm Live's Record Only mode to make some test recordings to determine the appropriate audio delay for your situation. For example, in our testing, the Cam Link 4K required a 6 frame delay.

Use Ecamm Virtual Mic To Add Mic Delay To Zoom and Other Apps

Be aware that if you are using Ecamm Live's Virtual Cam feature to send video to another app such as Zoom, then you'll also need to use Ecamm Live's Virtual Mic feature in order for Mic Delay to flow into that app.

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