The Mode Menu in Ecamm

Choose between three modes in Ecamm - streaming, recording, or presenting.

Updated over a week ago

With the release of Ecamm Live v4, you can now choose what you're creating in Ecamm - streaming (and multistreaming), recording, and presenting - to make it easier than ever to find the settings and features that matter for what you're creating.

We call this the Ecamm "mode menu."

The Mode menu determines what Ecamm Live will be used for.

For streaming, turn on the Stream toggle switch. This will activate the streaming buttons at the bottom of the Main Window.

  • To record your stream, turn on the Record switch.

  • For Record-Only mode, turn off Stream and turn on Record.

  • Use the Virtual Cam switch to quickly activate Ecamm Live’s Virtual Cam and Virtual Mic.

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