Recording Your Broadcasts

How to record and find recordings of your broadcasts, and record-only mode.

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By default, Ecamm Live keeps a local, full-quality recording of every broadcast you produce through the app. To turn recording off or on, click the Mode menu at the top of the Main Window, and you’ll see a Record option there.

Isolated Video Recording (Pro Only)

In addition to normal recording, Ecamm Live can save a recording of up to two camera sources. It can also record the audio and video from Interview guests. Isolated video recording can be turned on in Recording section of the app preferences.

An Apple Silicon (M1 / M2 / M3) Mac is required for isolated video recording.

Isolated Audio Recording (Pro Only)

Ecamm Live can save audio recordings of your audio channels such as primary microphone, secondary microphone, sound effects, and individual Interview guests. This can be turned on in Recording section of the app preferences.

Record-Only Mode

Ecamm Live features a mode to record locally only. When you choose this mode, all features that are not service-specific are available for you to record a video offline. This is great for a number of tasks, such as practicing before doing a live broadcast, pre-recording sections of a broadcast for later use, or simply to create videos for non-streaming situations like vlogs or tutorials.

To enable Record-Only mode, click the Mode menu at the top of the Main Window, and then turn off Stream.

When in Record-Only mode, you’ll see a Record button at the bottom of the Main Window. Click to begin recording. Record-Only mode has an optional 3-second countdown before recording starts.

You can also optionally name your recording either at the beginning or end of your recording.

After a Recording

After clicking Finish we’ll present you with a message confirming your recording has ended, and offer several options for your next steps.

Show File - click to reveal the recording file in the Finder.

Send To YouTube - click to send the recording to a YouTube channel.

Send to Descript - click to send the recording to for editing and transcription.

Quick Edit with Scenery - click to send the recording to Scenery with three quick edit options: AI assisted edits, automatic subtitle creation, or custom edits.

Retrieving Your Past Recordings

The Recording Menu at the top of your display holds the tools you need to enable or disable automatic recording, a way to get at your past recordings, and even change the location of where you want your recordings saved. By default, Ecamm Live saves your recorded videos in a subfolder of your macOS user’s Movies folder.

You can also find your recordings by typing ⌘-shift-R.

You may change your Recordings storage location by selecting RecordingChoose Recordings Folder… from the menu bar at the top of your display.

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