What can Ecamm Live do?

Ecamm Live is a macOS app designed to give you tremendous control over live streaming, with special capabilities for Facebook Live, YouTube Live, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch, Restream.io, Switchboard Live and OneStream Live. Ecamm Live can broadcast to any streaming service that uses RTMP streaming.

Why would you choose to use a Mac app to live stream, when you can stream straight from your web browser, or mobile device? Because Ecamm Live gives you superpowers…

  • Add text, scrolling tickers, images, countdowns, PDFs and animations to your broadcast as overlays, on-the-fly, or build them ahead of time.

  • When broadcasting to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Restream, and Twitch view a live feed of your comments and reactions.

  • Add viewer comments to your broadcast. Simply drag them onto the window and they appear automatically as overlays.

  • Conduct live video interviews with as many as up to 4 remote guests.

  • Use external video sources including HDMI sources, Canon DSLRs, NDI inputs and more. Switch easily between all video sources with a click or keyboard shortcut.

  • Share your screen: put any window, app, or display from your Mac right into your stream. This also enables the use of presentation software, such as Apple Keynote, or Microsoft PowerPoint.

  • Roll pre-recorded video files right into your broadcast.

  • Play music and sound effects in your broadcast.

  • Use a green screen to easily add a digital backdrop.

  • Add Picture-in-picture video to your stream.

  • Set the shape of your stream: go wide, tall, or square.

  • Create Scenes, which are preset groups of almost any of the above features, which you can trigger with a click or keyboard shortcut.

  • Schedule Facebook, YouTube Live, and Restream broadcasts from within the app.

  • Send your production into other Mac apps via Ecamm's Virtual Camera and Virtual Mic.

  • All streams are automatically recorded to a file on your Mac.

  • You can also record a video without broadcasting. Great for practicing, or pre-recording presentations.

Incredible, right? Must be difficult? Challenge accepted.

System Requirements

  • A Mac

  • A microphone (All Macs other than Mac Mini have a built-in microphone.)

  • A compatible video camera (including built-in webcams)

  • macOS 10.12 or newer

  • An internet connection with an upload speed of at least 1 Mbps. 4 Mbps is required for HD quality.

  • A Mac with hardware-accelerated video encoding (most Macs manufactured after 2010).

  • To broadcast to streaming services, you must have an account with that service.

  • To host using Interview mode, we recommend an iMac, Mac Mini, or MacBook Pro manufactured in 2015 or newer, and at least a 10 Mbps internet connection.

Installing Ecamm Live

Double-click on the Ecamm Live app icon. Ecamm Live will offer to move itself to the Applications folder if needed.

Uninstalling Ecamm Live

To uninstall Ecamm Live, drag the app’s icon to the trash icon in the Mac’s Dock area.

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