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Where is the Destination Menu in Ecamm Live v4.0?
Where is the Destination Menu in Ecamm Live v4.0?

Guide for Upgraders: How to Start a Live Stream in Ecamm Live v4.0

Updated over a week ago

If you've been a long-time user of Ecamm Live, you may be used to choosing your streaming destination, or Record Only mode from the Destination menu in the bottom right corner of the Main Window, and then clicking Go Live Now. Starting with Ecamm Live v4.0, the Destination menu in the main window and the Go Live Now button are no longer there.

Starting or Scheduling a Live Stream

To start a live stream, click on the blue New button in the bottom-right corner of the main window. If you don’t see this button, ensure that Streaming is turned on in the Mode menu.

When you click the New button, it will take you to the new Create New Broadcast window. Your currently selected streaming destinations are listed at the top. If the streaming destination listed is the correct destination, you can click Go Live Now to start your broadcast, just as you would have in the main window in our previous Ecamm Live versions.

To add a new streaming destination, click the + Add button. If your destination isn't listed in that menu, choose Add New Destination, and a new window will prompt you to pick a streaming platform and guide you through linking your streaming platform account to Ecamm Live.

Record-Only Mode

To use Record-Only mode, simply turn off Stream in the Mode menu, and enable only Record. The Record button will then appear at the bottom center of the main window.

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