Ecamm Live's Power Saver mode is feature that is activated automatically to preserve your MacBook's battery life.

When Will Power Saver Mode Activate?

Power Saver Mode turns on when a specific set of conditions are met:

  1. The Mac is running on battery power.

  2. Ecamm Live has not been the active (foreground) app in the last 15 seconds.

  3. Ecamm Live is not streaming or recording.

  4. Ecamm Live Virtual Camera is not running.

  5. Ecamm Live is using at least one camera or is screen sharing.

  6. The iOS device audio playthrough feature is not running.

  7. The Audio Monitor feature is not running.

  8. The Video Monitor feature is not running.

  9. The NDI Output feature is not running.

Once the app is activated (brought the foreground), or the Mac is connected to a power source, Power Saver mode will deactivate automatically.

Can Power Saver Mode Be Disabled?

Power Saver mode cannot be explicitly disabled.  However changing one of the nine conditions above will prevent it, for example connecting your Mac to a power source or starting a recording.

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