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Ecamm Live Supported Platforms FAQ
Ecamm Live Supported Platforms FAQ

Our most frequently asked questions about Ecamm Live's supported platforms

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What are Ecamm Live's supported streaming platforms?

Ecamm Live integrates directly with Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, LinkedIn, Amazon Live, Instagram, X (Twitter), Twitch,, Switchboard, and OneStream.

Can I go live to Facebook Pages, Profiles and Groups?

Ecamm Live can stream to Profiles and Pages but cannot stream to Facebook Groups due to Facebook API changes.

What about using Ecamm Live with other programs like video-conferencing and webinar apps?

Ecamm Live is a live streaming production platform. However, Ecamm Live does have a feature called Virtual Camera (Pro only) which allows you to use Ecamm Live's as a camera source in other apps (such as Zoom, Teams and Google Meet.).

What about streaming to Instagram?

As of December 2023, Ecamm members can stream to Instagram! You'll now see Instagram show up as a streaming destination within Ecamm and you can choose to stream or multistream to Instagram Live.

What about streaming to LinkedIn Live?

Ecamm Live has an integration with LinkedIn Live. Pick LinkedIn from Ecamm Live's Destination menu.

What do, Switchboard Live, and OneStream do?, Switchboard, and OneStream all allow you to stream to multiple platforms simultaneously. This is typically called simulcasting or multistreaming. While Ecamm does offer native multistreaming, you may still prefer to connect to your Restream, Switchboard, or OneStream account. You can do this easily from the Ecamm destination menu.


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