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Ecamm Live and Zoom

The ultimate guide to how Ecamm Live Pro and Zoom work together.

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This article refers to using Zoom without Ecamm's Zoom integration.

Check out Ecamm for Zoom for easy Zoom productions with Ecamm Live.

Ecamm Live Pro can be used with the Zoom video conferencing app in many ways, and our Ecamm Live members are always coming up with unique and creative ways to use the two together.

If you want to see tutorial videos from our community showing how to use Ecamm Live and Zoom, visit our playlist here.

There are two primary ways that you can use Ecamm Live and Zoom together:

Use Ecamm Live to Broadcast Your Zoom Calls

While Ecamm Live doesn't have the same automatic integration with Zoom that it has with Skype, it's still possible to use Ecamm Live Pro to stream your Zoom call to your audience on Facebook or YouTube. To do this, you'll simply need to use Ecamm Live's Screen Share mode to broadcast the Zoom app.

Send Ecamm Live's Output to Zoom

Ecamm Live's Virtual Camera and Virtual Mic features allows you to send the output of Ecamm Live to most any app on your Mac, including Zoom. This is by far the most popular way that our members integrate Ecamm Live and Zoom.

You'll need to have an Ecamm Live Pro subscription in order to use Virtual Camera or Sharing Window features. Additionally, you'll need to do some set-up and planning in order to use this features successful.

Ecamm Live's Sharing Window feature can be also used to send Ecamm Live's output into Zoom. This is an alternative to using the Virtual Camera feature, and may provide a higher resolution when screen sharing.

Join the Community!

In this article you will find many resources for how to use Ecamm Live with Zoom. We also recommend joining the Ecamm Live Community on Facebook. This group has over 10,000 members and is a positive, helpful group of live streamers, some professional and some just starting their live streaming journey. It's a great space to learn about live streaming and network with others. You may learn about a new way to use Ecamm Live, which may require additional hardware or software. The possibilities are endless. Be sure to search the group for the keyword "Zoom" and you will find a wealth of helpful information.

Zoom Video Quality

When using virtual camera with Zoom, you may notice a drop in quality between what you see in Ecamm Live and what your Zoom guests see. Ecamm Live does not have the ability to increase the quality of a Zoom video feed. Zoom quality is dictated by a variety of factors including internet speed, your Zoom plan, and current network usage. Here are some more details on this topic and a couple of trouble-shooting steps.

For more information on this topic, we recommend reading through Zoom's support documentation on this topic.

Zoom and Audio

Zoom works great with Ecamm Live's virtual mic feature. Ensure that you have activated Virtual Mic and picked it as your microphone source in Zoom.

Syncing Up Audio and Video

You may find that video from your virtual camera does not always sync up with the audio in Zoom. This is usually due to a slight latency in your video, and can be eliminated by adding a delay to the audio feeding into Zoom. Add delay using Ecamm Live's Mic Delay feature along with Virtual Mic.

Looking For More?

Check out the videos below from our team and community.

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