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Ecamm Live Use Cases FAQ
Ecamm Live Use Cases FAQ

Our most frequently asked questions about how to use Ecamm Live

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How do I use Ecamm Live with Zoom?

There are three ways to use Ecamm Live with Zoom. Please click below to see the details.

How do I use Ecamm Live as a webinar?

Ecamm Live is a live streaming production platform. However, Ecamm Live does have a feature called Virtual Camera (Pro only). Which allows you to use Ecamm Live's features in other apps which allow virtual cameras.*

*Please note not all apps with video feeds allow virtual cameras and some that do allow virtual cameras now may not in the future. Ecamm Live does not have control over which apps allow for virtual cameras and which do not.

What about streaming to Instagram?

Live streaming to Instagram with Ecamm is now possible thanks to Instagram Live Producer.

How do I broadcast an event behind a paywall?

This isn't a specific feature of Ecamm Live, but there are a few ways to do this. The important thing to remember here is that Ecamm Live does not collect any personal data (like names, email addresses, or credit cards). You'll need to partner our app alongside something else if you're looking to charge for your content.

Here are two ways to use Ecamm Live behind a paywall:

1.) Create a private Facebook group and only invite people to the group who have paid for your event or course.

2.) Create an unlisted YouTube video and only share the video with people who have paid for the event or course.

I'm live streaming for my church. How can I add worship lyrics and other lower thirds to my live stream videos?

Many of our users are streaming church services. Two popular programs to use with Ecamm Live are Faithlife Proclaim and ProPresenter. Please click below for more information.

How about gear and equipment recommendations for churches?

Check out this episode of our weekly show, Go LIVE Now! (with special guests, Justin Nava and Dave Curlee from Church Media Guys) to learn more about gear for live streaming churches services and read more in our blog post.

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