Ecamm Live's Sharing Window (Pro Only)

How to use Ecamm Live's Sharing Window feature with Zoom

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Ecamm Live's  Sharing Window feature can be used to send Ecamm Live's output into Zoom. This is an alternative to using the Virtual Camera feature, and may provide a higher resolution when screen sharing.

Turn on Sharing Window in Ecamm Live

Turn on the Sharing Window by picking it in Ecamm Live's Outputs menu: 

Choose To Share it in Zoom

In your Zoom meeting, click the green Share Screen button in the toolbar:

You will then see a list of things to share.  Find Ecamm Live Sharing - Window. (See below.) You may need to scroll down in the list of windows to find it.

There are two other checkboxes on this screen:

  • Share computer sound: Check this checkbox to send sound from Ecamm Live (for example video file playback and sound effects) into your Zoom call.

  • Optimize Screen Share for Video Clip: Check this checkbox if you'll be using Ecamm Live primarily for cameras and video file playback. It will have a faster frame rate. Uncheck this checkbox if you'll be primarily using Ecamm Live's screen sharing feature to present your screen, or if you're presenting a PDF. (The quality will be crisper.)

Click the blue Share button to start sharing Ecamm Live.

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