Ecamm Live's Sharing Window (Pro Only)

How to use Ecamm Live's Sharing Window feature with Zoom

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This article refers to using Zoom without Ecamm's Zoom integration.

Check out Ecamm for Zoom for easy Zoom productions with Ecamm Live.

Ecamm Live's  Sharing Window feature can be used to send Ecamm Live's output into Zoom. This is an alternative to using the Virtual Camera feature, and may provide a higher resolution when screen sharing.

Turn on Sharing Window in Ecamm Live

Turn on the Sharing Window by picking it in Ecamm Live's Outputs menu: 

Choose To Share it in Zoom

In your Zoom meeting, click the green Share Screen button in the toolbar:

You will then see a list of things to share.  Find Ecamm Live Sharing - Window. (See below.) You may need to scroll down in the list of windows to find it.

There are two other checkboxes on this screen:

  • Share computer sound: Check this checkbox to send sound from Ecamm Live (for example video file playback and sound effects) into your Zoom call.

  • Optimize Screen Share for Video Clip: Check this checkbox if you'll be using Ecamm Live primarily for cameras and video file playback. It will have a faster frame rate. Uncheck this checkbox if you'll be primarily using Ecamm Live's screen sharing feature to present your screen, or if you're presenting a PDF. (The quality will be crisper.)

Click the blue Share button to start sharing Ecamm Live.

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