Using the Virtual Mic (Pro Only)

How to use the Virtual Microphone feature.

Updated over a week ago

Virtual Mic (or Virtual Microphone) allows you to send the audio output of Ecamm Live into other Mac apps. When used along with Ecamm Live's Virtual Camera feature, this will allow you to include the audio from Ecamm Live (such as sound from movie playback, Interview guests, and sound effects) in Zoom broadcasts. Using Virtual Mic will also allow you to take advantage of Ecamm Live's microphone mute settings.

​This feature requires an Ecamm Live Pro subscription.
Activate Virtual Mic by going to the menubar and finding Outputs ➝ Virtual Mic and make sure it says Ready. If this is your first time using the feature, choose to install the Virtual Mic. Then, in the other app's camera menu, you'll see Ecamm Live Virtual Mic as a choice. You might have to Quit and come back into the other app before you see it.


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