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Using the Virtual Camera (Pro Only)
Using the Virtual Camera (Pro Only)

How to use the Virtual Camera feature (Pro Only)

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Virtual Cam (or Virtual Webcam or Virtual Camera) allows you to send the output of Ecamm Live into many other Mac apps. (See compatibility information below.) This will let you use all of the features of Ecamm Live (such as Green Screen, digital zoom, Screen Sharing, and overlays) in other apps that don't otherwise have those features.

Virtual Webcam will work even when you are not using Ecamm Live to broadcast or record.

This feature requires an Ecamm Live Pro subscription.

Activate Virtual Webcam by going to the menubar and finding OutputsVirtual Cam and switching it to On. If this is your first time using the feature, choose to install the Virtual Webcam. Then, in the other app's camera menu, you'll see Ecamm Live Virtual Cam as a choice. You might have to Quit and come back into the other app before you see it.

The feature will remain on until it is turned off in the Outputs menu or by clicking on the red button in the top left corner of the Main Window.

Virtual Camera Compatibility

Note that some Mac apps do not load third-party plugins due to Apple security restrictions. When an app has not enabled virtual cameras, they will not show up in the app's camera list.

Some examples of apps that work with virtual cameras are:

Note this is not a complete list. Many other apps works with virtual cameras.

Apps that currently do not load virtual cameras include:

  • Safari

  • FaceTime

Using Virtual Webcam with Skype Guests

Ecamm Live’s Virtual Camera can be used in Skype to allow your Skype guests to see the broadcast.

Virtual Camera Not Showing Up?

If Virtual Camera is not showing up as expected, try these troubleshooting steps.

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