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Ecamm Live Resources

Here are our resources, programs, shows, and recommended experts to help you learn more about Ecamm Live.

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We have lots of different resources to help you on your way as you learn how to use Ecamm Live or discover more about how our live streaming and video production app works and its many features. 

Here are our Ecamm Live resources and touch points.

Articles & Videos

If you're looking to learn more about how to use Ecamm Live, you can read through our detailed articles or watch our tutorial videos. Take it one step at a time and work through at your own pace.

Ecamm Knowledge Base

You can find articles about every aspect of all of our apps, including Ecamm Live, here at You can search a specific topic using the search bar at the top or you can flow through articles as you try and learn. Here are all of the Ecamm Live guides.

We also have tutorial videos embedded in their relevant support articles or you can work through all of our videos in our video hub or on YouTube.

Ecamm Simplified

Feature Friday

Marshall Fox

Adrian Salisbury

Luria Petrucci & Live Streaming Pros

TakeOne Tech

BuildingBlocks with ana and Fuljens

Weekly Demo

Join Doc Rock every Friday at 2pm Eastern on YouTube for a live video demo of Ecamm Live. You can sign up for the demo in advance right here.


If you want to learn alongside others, share tips, try something new, and snag ideas, our online Communities are made for you. 

Ecamm Live Community

The Ecamm Live Community is a free Facebook group where you can network with like-minded content producers, marketing experts, and live streamers. It's the perfect place to ask questions, share tips and tricks, swap stories, and get advice from seasoned experts. 

Ecamm Live Discord

Ecamm Live Beta Group

The Ecamm Live Beta Group is a free Facebook group where you can try out the beta version of Ecamm Live and help us develop new features that we'll roll out to the rest of our members. This group is a great place for trying new features, letting our developers know about tweaks or updates they should make, and make suggestions.

Audience-Specific Communities

Other Language Communities

Here are some communities for our non-English speaking members.

Additional Resources


Need more help than our groups, articles, and videos provide? You can sign up for our training course to do a deep dive on our live streaming app and get additional support as you're learning how to go live with Ecamm.

Ecamm Live Academy

Ecamm Live Academy is a training course that we run in partnership with Adrian Salisbury. This is a paid course that takes you through all aspects of how to use Ecamm Live and provides you with daily live video challenges, the ability to ask detailed questions, and a closed Facebook group where you can practice and learn alongside other Academy members. The cost is $129 and with this investment, you get 25% off of Ecamm Live Pro Annual. 

Live Shows

We have live shows on topics ranging from strategy to gear to remote production, podcasting, studio set-ups, marketing, and more. To see all of our shows and schedule, visit our YouTube channel.

Monthly Q+A with Ken and Glen

Our co-founders and developers, Ken Aspeslagh and Glen Aspeslagh have a live video Q+A on the last Wednesday of every month at 2pm Eastern. Join in each month to ask questions, hear app updates, make feature requests, and more. You can see past Q+As on YouTube here.

The Flow Podcast

Welcome to The Flow. Created by Ecamm and hosted by Doc Rock and Katie Fawkes, this weekly show will take you step-by-step through the process of video podcasting. Our focus is on building efficient and effective workflows so that your content shines.

Join us Tuesdays at 12pm Eastern on YouTube and subscribe and listen on your favorite podcast platform. Visit to learn more.

ENN - Ecamm Network News



Here is a list of Ecamm Live influencers, affiliates, and experts who have lots of additional resources, courses, and content to help you on your way.

Diana Gladney -

Stephanie Liu -

Bradley Vinson -

Ian Anderson Gray -

Alec Johnson -
Justin Brown -
Pat Flynn -
Andrew and Pete -
John-Erik Mosseler -
Ryan Wakefield -
Jake Gosselin -
Tim Schmoyer -
Brian Fanzo - 

And here is our list of recommended gear and recommended apps/software to use with or alongside Ecamm Live. 


Find out what's going on with Ecamm Live by keeping up with us via our blog, updates page, and email list so you don't miss anything important.

Ecamm Blog

We have helpful articles on live streaming best practices along with expert interviews on our blog. You can read through all of our blog articles at

Ecamm Live Email List

Join our email list to receive notifications of when we'll be live, special events, promotions, and more.

Newest Version

You can always find the newest version of Ecamm Live along with the latest features and updates on our website here.

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