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Ecamm Live and Graphics FAQ
Ecamm Live and Graphics FAQ

Our most frequently asked questions about using graphics with Ecamm Live

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Can I use a countdown timer graphic with Ecamm Live?

Ecamm Live has a countdown timer feature in the Text Overlay menu. This provides the actual timer and allows for some flexibility in changing the font, size, and color of the timer itself.

If you're looking for a designed countdown timer, you can create your own or purchase a design to bring into Ecamm Live as an Overlay or Animated Overlay. Check out our blog post about Countdown Timers and other graphics to learn more.

How can I make graphics for use with Ecamm Live?

You cannot create graphics within Ecamm Live, but you can easily upload them or drag and drag them into the app to use in your live videos. Graphics can be created by a professional graphics designer or you can use one of the following programs to create your own graphics:

Want to learn how to use Ecamm Live's built-in features to create graphics? Join ana and Fuljens every Friday at 10am Eastern on YouTube for BuildingBlocks.

How can I use my graphics with Ecamm Live?

To bring your graphics into Ecamm Live, use the Overlays feature.

What is a lower third?

A lower third is the text, graphic, or animation that you bring into your live video that shows your name, a URL, your business name, or a guest’s name. It can be created in Ecamm Live if you’re just looking for text. Create your own by going to Overlays > Text Overlay.

What if I want to make a branded lower third?

You can work with a graphic designer to create a branded lower-third for you or you can make your own with a software like Easil, Canva, Snappa or Photoshop.

How do I add my lower third to Ecamm Live?

It's easy to add any graphic overlay to your stream. PNG files with transparency are ideal for adding a lower third, a logo, or a call-to-action graphic to your live video.

To add an image overlay, drag any image file into Ecamm Live's main window.

Then, you can reposition it by dragging, and resize it as needed.

Once added, overlays can be managed in the Overlays window.

How do I create a guest PIP (or Interview Graphics)?

As there are many steps to this and variations, we recommend checking out our blog post that includes instructions and a video tutorial.

How do I share comments on my screen?

If you’re broadcasting with Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram, Twitch, or Restream, and you receive a comment, you can drag that comment from the Comments and Reactions Window into the Main Window.

Ecamm will automatically convert your comment into a styled text Overlay, matching the style of your most recent Comment Overlay. If you want two different Comment Overlays to appear on screen at once, drag a second comment to the Main Window.

You can also click the tiny Add To Broadcast button below each comment, or click the comment’s Profile photo to place the comment on screen.

Can I edit the comment overlays?

The text in a comment Overlay can be edited and styled just like a Text Overlay. Once a Comment Overlay is styled, future comments remember this styling. Note that a separate style and color can be applied to the comment author.

Can I use a movie overlay?

Yes, you can! Movie Overlays work just like Image Overlays, but use a video file instead of an image. This is great for an animated logo or lower third. Movie overlays will play without sound.

Video files with transparency are best. These can be created in apps such as Adobe After Effects, and should be saved as Apple ProRes 4444, HVEC with Alpha or WebM format.

There are 3 ways to create a Movie Overlay:

  • Drag a movie file from the Finder into the Overlays Window.

  • Select New Movie Overlay in the Overlays menu at the top of your display

  • Click the animated overlay icon button at the bottom the Overlays Window.

A File Selection Sheet will appear, allowing you to find and select a movie file.

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