Ecamm Live and Webinars
How you can use Virtual Cam to bring Ecamm Live into your webinars.
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Ecamm Live is live streaming production software for Mac users. It is not a webinar platform. For more information about the platforms that Ecamm Live streams to, please click here.

Although Ecamm Live is not a webinar platform, you can bring Ecamm Live's features into a webinar platform using our Virtual Cam feature (this is a Pro feature).

Virtual Camera allows you to send the output of Ecamm Live into another Mac app such as Zoom or Skype. We have more information here in this article and in the tutorial video below. This option may work for you and your webinar.

If you want to have a registration or take payment for your webinar, you'll want to use an app that helps facilitate that. On the live streaming side, you can create a closed Facebook group or unlisted YouTube video and only invite paid registrants. Then, broadcast your live videos into that space. The second video provided below will give you more suggestions on this option.ย 

Here's more from Adrian Salisbury on how to use Ecamm Live and Kajabi to create a webinar.

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