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Looking to get started with Ecamm Live, but not sure how everything works? No problem. Follow along below with video expert Adrian Salisbury to learn the basics of Ecamm Live.

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Welcome to Ecamm

Welcome to Ecamm! We're so excited that you're interested in diving into our live streaming and video production app. To get started, just follow along with these easy tutorial videos from Ecamm expert, Adrian Salisbury.

Understanding the Hierarchy of Ecamm

What's a profile? A scene? Overlays? In this video, Adrian walks you through the hierarchy of Ecamm so that you know all of the terminology and how features work together.

Navigating the Ecamm Dashboard

What does Ecamm Live look like and how do you find everything? In this video, Adrian will walk you through the Ecamm dashboard and let you know how to find what you're looking for.

Ecamm Live Profiles & How to Use Them

Profiles are a great way to save your projects in Ecamm, including your settings, layouts, and more. Here's Adrian to show you how they work.

Building Scenes and Overlays in Ecamm

In this video, Adrian walks you through what scenes and overlays are and how you can use both of these foundational Ecamm features to create live streams, video recordings, and more.

Next Steps

You can dive even deeper by registering for Ecamm Live Academy and/or by checking out all of Adrian Salisbury's tutorial videos here.

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