Upon opening Ecamm Live, you’ll be greeted by the Main Window, and several smaller windows.

The Main Window

The Main Window is your monitor of what your audience sees, except the tools we’ve laid on top of this window—and your cursor—which are only visible to you. You can resize the main window by dragging from any edge or corner of the window.

The smaller windows are for control of Sound Levels, Scenes, Overlays, Camera Effects, Comments and Reactions, and Interview mode. If you dismiss any of these windows, you can bring them back by visiting the Window menu at the very top of your Mac’s display. Additionally, each of these windows has a keyboard shortcut assigned for easy access.

At the center bottom of the Main Window is a blue Login button, which will allow us to connect you to the currently selected streaming platform.

Note: If you’re not going to use Ecamm Live with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch or LinkedIn, logging in is optional. You can still record to your Mac, or stream to services that use RTMP.

Tools Within the Main Window

At the top left of the Main Window is the Scenes pull-down menu. The text of the button shows the name of your currently active Scene. Any other Scenes you’ve created are listed within the menu, giving you fast access to switching scenes during a stream or recording. 

At the top center of the Main Window you’ll find Ecamm Live’s three primary modes— we call them Sources— you can use in your broadcast.

The top right of the Main Window contains five icons, the Sound Levels button, the Overlays button, the Camera Effects button, the Comments button and the Preferences button. Each show or hides the windows for each tool.

The bottom right corner holds menus which control where your broadcasts go. The options here are dependent upon which settings you’ve selected.

If you’ve picked Facebook or YouTube as your Destination, you’ll see various options of where to broadcast. You can choose who can view your broadcast within Facebook or YouTube, and control when to broadcast.

If you select Custom Stream Key, a sheet will appear with the settings required to stream to services other than Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, LinkedIn, Restream and Switchboard.

Lastly, if you select Record Only, all the other options fade away, and you’re now set to capture a recording only to your Mac.

The bottom center of the Main Window holds the big blue button which depending on the destinations settings can read,

If you’re not logged in, but have the Destination set that requires login.

Go Live
If you’re logged in and ready to go, or if you’re using a stream key.

If your Destination is set to Record Only

Preview Mode

If you’re streaming, or your Destination is set to Record Only, you’ll see a Preview Mode button in the bottom left corner. This lets you make changes in the Main Window but not in your broadcast.


If you’re in Preview Mode, the Publish button will publish your changes to your audience.

When using Facebook Live, the bottom left corner of the Main Window includes a title and description field. Text entered in the description field will become the text of the post that accompanies your broadcast.

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