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Edit in Descript

Use our powerful Descript integration to create a streamlined process for repurposing videos.

Updated over a week ago

With Ecamm Live version 4 or newer, you can now automatically send your videos from Ecamm into Descript, so that you can create and edit the transcript, edit your video, burn on captions, create video clips, and so much more. Descript is a powerful tool, and our integration creates a streamlined workflow for your video editing & repurposing.

To use this feature, you'll need to have a Descript account. You can sign up for Descript at (PRO TIP! If you're an Ecamm member, you get a discount).

How to Use Edit in Descript

Start by going live or recording a video using Ecamm. When you're done, you'll see this message in the Main Window.

It's as easy as clicking Editing in Descript. That's it. We'll handle the rest.

Here's what you'll see once the file transfers to Descript. (Yes, that's my "holy-cow-this-is-exciting face").

Now you can edit away and create some really amazing pieces of content to power your Marketing.

Happy creating!

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