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How to Stream to Amazon Live with Ecamm

Create engaging live selling streams on Amazon using Ecamm.

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You can use Ecamm to stream to Amazon Live and see viewer counts, be notified of new followers joining your stream, and see and engage with Amazon Live comments.

Please note: you will need to have access to Amazon Live in order to use this feature and be running Ecamm Live v4.0 or newer.

Getting set up is easy. Here's how.

Start in the Amazon Live app

To begin, open up the Amazon Live Creator app on your phone and create a new Amazon Live broadcast. Follow the steps to set up your stream. For your video source, make sure you've selected External Camera and click Get URL and stream key.

Copy your stream key and save that information to copy/paste into Ecamm (you'll need it in a few minutes).

Set up Amazon Live as a Destination

In Ecamm, go up to the Ecamm Live menu and select Preferences. In the Destinations section, pick Add Destination. You'll see this sheet:

Click the Amazon Live icon. This is where you'll enter your Amazon Live stream key. You'll only need to do this step once to get set up to stream to Amazon Live. Ecamm will save this destination for you, and it'll show up as a destination going forward for streaming and multistreaming.

Viewing Amazon Live Comments in Ecamm

In order to see Amazon Live comments, viewer count, and new follower notifications in Ecamm, you'll need to get one more piece of information from your Amazon Live app โ€” your broadcast link.

This link will change with each Amazon Live stream that you create, so you'll need to do this each time you broadcast to Amazon Live using Ecamm.

Once you've created your broadcast in the Amazon Live app, you'll be able to access your broadcast link.

The get the link, tap Share a link to your livestream in the Amazon Live app on your phone. (See below) Once you've copied it, paste it into the Additional Platform Options section of Ecamm Live's Create New Broadcast window.

Now that you've pasted your Amazon Live broadcast URL into Ecamm Live, you're ready to stream:

  1. First, start streaming in Ecamm Live by clicking Go Live Now.

  2. Then, in the Amazon Live app on your phone, tap the yellow Preview button.

  3. After a few seconds, you'll see the pink Go Live button in the Amazon Live app become tappable. Tap to begin the show!

  4. Happy live selling!

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