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Recording Isolated Audio and Video
Recording Isolated Audio and Video

Ecamm Live can record isolated (ISO) audio and video tracks to make post editing and repurposing a breeze.

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When Record mode is activated, Ecamm Live can save isolated audio and video recordings along with the recording of your program, live stream, or presentation.

You'll get a separate movie file for each camera you select, and a clean audio recording of each part of the your sound track.

This makes is easy to repurpose your content and edit your program after the recording is complete.

Activating ISO Recording (Pro, Apple Silicon Macs Only)

First, make sure Record is turned On in the mode picker.

Recording Preferences

Open the Ecamm Live Preferences, by click one the button with the gear icon on the right. Then, click on the Recording section.

In the Recording settings, find these settings:

Record Isolated Video Tracks

You can choose to record up to two of your cameras. Use the Switcher window to set Camera A and/or Camera B to the cameras you want to record. To quickly access the Switcher, click the right-arrow button.

You can also choose to record guests who join via Interview Mode.

On the right, select what audio should be included in each movie file.
โ€‹Program Audio: This will include all the sound from your show, live stream, or presentation mixed together.

Primary/Second Mic: This will include the sound from the selected microphone.
โ€‹Guest Audio: In Interview Guest recordings, Ecamm can automatically include just the sound from that guest.

Apply Camera Effects to Recorded Video Sources: This setting lets your decide if your ISO recordings will included camera effects such as color correction, green screen, and digital zoom.

Video Format: Video recordings are high quality H.264 media, incapsulated in MP4 or MOV files. The frame rate and resolution will match the frame rate and resolution of the camera source, but will be capped at 1080p. (4K sources will record at 1080p).

Record Isolated Audio Tracks

Select this option to create individual m4a recordings for each of Ecamm Live's audio tracks.

You'll get a clean recording of each microphone, movie playback, sound effects, app audio, widgets, and interview guests.

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