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Creating a Sample Trace

If Ecamm Live becomes unresponsive, a Sample Trace will help our engineers diagnose the problem.

Updated over a week ago

When a macOS app becomes unresponsive (not responding to mouse clicks), the system automatically changes the cursor to the rainbow beachball. In the rare case this happens when using Ecamm Live, there is an easy step you can take to help Ecamm's engineers diagnose the problem.

Creating a Sample Trace of Ecamm Live

Carefully follow these steps:

  1. Open Activity Monitor. Find this app in Applications/Utilities, or open it by typing Activity Monitor into Launchpad or Spotlight.

  2. Once opened, type Ecamm Live into the search area in the top-right so it only shows the Ecamm Live process.

  3. When Ecamm beachballs, you should see the Ecamm Live process show up red in Activity Monitor. Click once on that red process to select it.

  4. Pick Sample Process from the little menu in the toolbar with the three dots in a circle.

  5. Wait for the sample to finish, then click the Save... button in the top-right. Save the sample file to your Desktop and then share it with customer support.

Note: If Ecamm is not unresponsive, then a sample trace is not at all useful but in the case of an unresponsive process, it will show us exactly where/why it's stuck.

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