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How To Use Virtual Cam in Microsoft Teams
How To Use Virtual Cam in Microsoft Teams

How to use Ecamm Live's virtual camera within Microsoft Teams video conferencing.

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If you want to bring Ecamm Live's virtual camera (a Pro feature) into Microsoft Teams,  follow the steps below:

  1. Open Ecamm Live.

  2. Install and turn on the Ecamm Live Virtual Camera. You'll find the Virtual Camera in the Output menu. Go to Virtual Cam and then check on. If you haven't installed the Virtual Cam yet, go through that process first. Please note: you need to be running Ecamm Live Pro or be in a trial period in order to have access to the Virtual Camera. 

3. Once the Virtual Cam is on, minimize the Ecamm Live app and open Microsoft Teams.

If you just installed Virtual Cam for the first time, and Microsoft Teams was already open, quit and re-open Microsoft Teams.

4. Open the app's Settings screen, and then pick the Devices section.

8. Select Ecamm Live Virtual Cam from the Camera menu.

You're ready to go!

Virtual Camera Still Not Showing Up?

If Virtual Camera is not showing up as expected, try these troubleshooting steps.

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