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Scheduled YouTube Live Broadcast Doesn't Go Live
Scheduled YouTube Live Broadcast Doesn't Go Live

YouTube broadcasts scheduled using YouTube Studio may inadvertently be created as "Webcam" streams, which do not work with Ecamm Live.

Updated over a week ago

YouTube scheduled livestreams may not go live, (and will display an error message in newer versions of Ecamm Live) if the scheduled livestream is inadvertently created as a "Webcam" stream rather than a "Streaming Software" stream.

To prevent this from happening, schedule using Ecamm Live instead, or be sure to follow these steps when creating a stream using YouTube Studio:

  1. In YouTube Studio, ensure that you are in the Manage section.

  2. Click the blue SCHEDULE STREAM button to create a new stream.

3. Once scheduled, double-check that the Type is Streaming Software as shown in the image above.

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