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Recording Multiple Tracks with Call Recorder for Skype
Recording Multiple Tracks with Call Recorder for Skype

Details about how Call Recorder for Skype handles recording multiple audio and video tracks.

Updated over a week ago

Call Recorder for Skype will automatically record only 2 audio tracks. One audio track is for the local caller and one is for all remote caller(s). Call Recorder for Skype does not have a feature to record more than 2 audio tracks separately.ย 

Call Recorder for Skype can record up to 4 separate video tracks with the multi-track recording option. To do this ensure that "Multi-track" is picked in your Call Recorder Settings, which can be accessed by click the "gear" icon next to the record button on the main Call Recorder control panel. Multi-track is the default setting.

Note: The limitation of 4 video tracks includes your own video.

See this article for instructions on How to work with multi-track recordings, for details on how export and access the individual tracks.


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