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Accessing Each Side of a Call as Individual Tracks
Accessing Each Side of a Call as Individual Tracks

How to split audio tracks with Ecamm Movie Tools

Updated over a week ago

Please note: Call Recorder for Skype is no longer supported and will no longer be updated. For more details about this please refer to this article.

Call Recorder will always record each side of a Skype call as a separate audio track. Likewise, when recording using Multi-track video recording mode, each video stream will also be recorded separately.

After a call is complete, use Ecamm Movie Tools to save the tracks as separate files if desired.

To do this with an audio call, click the checkbox labeled Export Splits Tracks and then Click Export.

If you do not see a Export Splits Tracks checkbox in Ecamm Movie Tools for an audio  call, this typically means that you're viewing a file that does not contain multiple audio tracks. This  could be a file that was created by a different app, or an exported recording.

To do this with a multi-track video call, choose Separate Files from the Video pop-up, and then click Export.

If you do not see a Video pop-up Ecamm Movie Tools for a video call, this typically means that it was not recorded in multi-track mode. Check Call Recorder's settings.

Before uploading or sharing a movie with multiple tracks, export using Ecamm Movie Tools to create a movie with just one audio track and one video track. Note that this happens automatically when using the application's Export or Share buttons.

If you do not have the Ecamm Movie Tools application in your Applications folder, ensure that you have the latest version of Call Recorder. If you need to re-download Ecamm Movie Tools, download here:

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