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Call Recorder's New .callrecorder File Format
Call Recorder's New .callrecorder File Format

How to work with the .callrecorder file format

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As of Call Recorder v3.0, all audio and video recordings are now saved as .callrecorder files. These files can only be opened with the Ecamm Movie Tools app located in your Applications folder.

Note: This change was necessary to support macOS 10.15 Catalina, which no longer has the ability to generate multi-track .mov files.

Before uploading or editing a Call Recorder recording, use the Export button in Ecamm Movie Tools to save it in the desired format.

Exporting Individual Audio and Video Tracks as Separate Files

  • For audio recordings, click the Export Split Tracks checkbox at the bottom of the Ecamm Movie Tools window, then click Export.

  • For video recordings, pick Separate Files from the Video popup menu at the bottom  of the Ecamm Movie Tools window, then click Export.  

Extracting Tracks Directly from a .callrecorder File

The .callrecorder file format is a "package file", which means it's actually folder, but looks like a file in the Finder. To access the contents, right-click or control-click on the file in the Finder, and choose Show Package Contents. It will open just like a folder. and you'll see the contents: each movie track as a separate file.

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