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About Call Recorder for Skype's Demo
About Call Recorder for Skype's Demo

All the details about Call Recorder for Skype's demo version

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Please note: Call Recorder for Skype is no longer supported and will no longer be updated. For more details about this please refer to this article.

Call Recorder for Skype comes in two versions: Demo (Trial) and Full.
The Call Recorder demo works for 7 days and puts a demo message across the recorded video. The demo message is permanent and cannot be removed from recorded movies, even after purchase.
The free downloads linked on our webpage and the downloads linked from other websites (eg. MacUpdate) are demos.
After purchase, users need to download and install the full version of their purchased software. Instructions for doing this are automatically sent via email. Installing the full version will replace the demo. Uninstalling the demo is not necessary.

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