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Missing or Distorted Audio in Zoom or Teams
Missing or Distorted Audio in Zoom or Teams
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Ecamm Live's Virtual Mic is a great way to route your program's audio into other applications like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, but these applications have built-in effects like Noise Suppression, High-Pass Filtering, and Automatic Gain Control that may distort or change the audio they are receiving. This is especially true with music, sound effects, or sound other than speaking voices.

You can use settings inside of each app to adjust or disable these settings, to ensure the audio is heard by your audience as you intended.


Choose > Preferences from the menu, and select Audio from the left. Under Audio Profile, you can enable "Original sound for musicians" and be sure to disable Echo Cancellation. You may also wish to enable the remaining two settings, for higher quality audio in the Zoom conference.

Note that you will also need to click this button in the meeting window to toggle this on/off:

For more information, see this article on Zoom's support site.

Microsoft Teams

In Teams, choose Microsoft Teams > Settings, and choose Devices from the left. To begin with, try disabling Automatically adjust mic sensitivity and setting the Noise Suppression setting to Low or Off.

Some versions of Teams also have a "High Fidelity Music Mode" that can be enabled for situations that require these built in effects to be disabled. You can toggle this on in Teams' settings via Settings > Devices > High fidelity music mode. If available, this will enable individual toggles for audio effects in your meeting window. Details on this can be found in this Microsoft Support Article.

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