Faithlife Proclaim is a popular church presentation software suite. It does not have any specific integration with Ecamm Live, however it is possible to send Proclaim's output to Ecamm Live using the steps below:

  1. On the computer running Proclaim, if you haven't already, connect a secondary display, which will be used to present your Proclaim slides. Begin your Proclaim presentation by clicking the ON AIR button.
  2. On the computer running Proclaim, download and run Newtek's NDI Scan Converter app. (A free download for Windows and Mac.)
  3. In the Newtek NDI Scan Converter app, choose to share the Proclaim window containing the Proclaim output. This will broadcast the output as an NDI source.

Run Ecamm Live on the same Mac, or another Mac on the same local network. You will now see NDI Scan Converter showing up as an additional camera source in Ecamm Live's camera switcher.

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