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Multistreaming FAQ

Here are our most frequently ask questions about streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously.

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Does Ecamm Live have it's own multistreaming or simulcasting feature?

Yes. With Ecamm Live's multistreaming, you can stream simultaneously to as many as 10 destinations, including YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon Live, Instagram Live, Twitch, Twitter, and more.

Schedule your multistreams, bring on comments from platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Amazon, and see viewer counts. Ecamm Live also has a built in internet speed test to ensure you have the bandwidth you need to create high-quality live streams.

We have full integrations and great relationships with all three streaming companies. If you have accounts with any of the above, you can still use them to multistream with Ecamm.

Can I schedule a broadcast when streaming to multiple platforms at the same time?

Yes, you can schedule multistreamed broadcasts through Ecamm. An announcement post will be created on platform that support it.

Will I be able to see comments when multistreaming?

Yes, you will be able to see comments from the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon Live, Twitch, and

What is automatic business page crossposting?

Automatic crossposting is a Facebook feature that will automatically present your broadcast on more than one business page, even business pages you don't administer. This is different from multistreaming since it does not allow you to see comments from the other pages where the broadcast is being played.

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