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How to Use Skype to Interview Guests

Here's how to set up Skype to bring on guests on Ecamm Live.

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If you're new to using Skype or haven't used it in a while, here is a step-by-step article showing how to get set up so you can use our Skype integration in Ecamm Live to bring guests into your live broadcast.

Step 1: Open Skype on your Mac and login to your account.

This is what you should see once you've opened Skype.

Step 2: Allow NDI Usage

Once Skype is open, go to Preferences in the Skype menu.

And then select Calling and then Advanced.

From there, turn on NDI usage. (Once this is turned on, you won't have to do it again unless you choose to turn it off).

Step 3: Sound check!

In order to do a live video interview using Skype, you'll need to either be using headphones or an external mic (like a Yeti). If you're using headphones, you can skip ahead to the next step. 

If you're using an external mic, you'll want to make sure it's set up correctly in both Ecamm Live and Skype. 

Here's how to connect it within Ecamm Live:

a) Plug it into your Mac.
b) Go to the Mic menu and select your microphone.

c) Turn ON Echo Cancellation if you're not using headphones so you won't get an echo in your recording.

Here's how to connect your microphone in Skype:

a) Open Skype and go to Audio & Video Settings.
b) Scroll down to Audio and select your microphone from the drop-down menu.

Remember: You either need to be using headphones or Echo Cancellation and a microphone in order to avoid an echo in your live interview.

Step 4: Find the correct person

On the top left hand corner there’s an option to search for people, groups & messages. This is where you can search for people that you’ll be video calling for your interview.

You can also copy/paste in their Skype name and they’ll show up. Here’s an example of us searching for Carol Butler. Once we start typing in Carol, Carol Butler shows up and we can see our past history with her.

If you've never chatted/contacted the person before, you'll need to either have their Skype ID or search by their name and recognize their photo.

Step 5: Connect

Once you’ve clicked on the right person, you should see your interactions with them come up on the right hand side. You have a few options from here. You can type messages back and forth, you can phone them (audio only, no video), or you can video call them. We recommend sending a text note first letting your guest know that you’ve found their account and telling them that you plan on video calling them at a certain time (so they’re not caught off guard).

Here are the different options in Skype (you’ll see these on the top right hand corner of the screen when Skype is open).

If you hover over them, you’ll see what each does. The first one is video call, the second is an audio call, and the third allows you to add someone else to your message (ie: creates a group call/chat).

Simply click the video and you’ll have a video call with your interviewee.

Step 6: Open Ecamm Live

OK, now moving into Ecamm Live. In advance of your Skype call, you should probably set up Scenes so that you're prepared to go live. Here is more information on how to use Scenes in Ecamm Live.

In the above screen shot, I have a spot where the Skype connection is already there and ready to go. So when I video call Rudy using Skype, he would show up in the ‘Rudy box’ on the right. 

Once you video call your guest on Skype, they'll come in as a camera source in Ecamm Live and you can add them into your Scenes however you'd like. 

Step 7: Be Fancy with Virtual Cam

Please note: The Ecamm Live Virtual Camera requires the latest version of Skype. Ensure that you have the latest version of Skype from

If you want to be fancy (and who doesn’t want to be fancy), you can also use Ecamm Live's Virtual Webcam (Pro feature) to show the person in Skype what the feed looks like. You don’t have to do that, but it is nice for the guest on the other end to be able to see what you may be showing and/or any comments coming through that you highlight on screen.

Make sure Virtual Camera is ON in Ecamm Live. You'll find it in the Output menu.

Then open up Skype and go to Audio & Video settings. Select Ecamm Live virtual camera from the camera list and you’ll feed the Ecamm Live screen back to your caller in Skype. Here’s what that looks like:

Here’s where it may feel weird. It looks reversed to you, but is fine for your guests. They see it correctly.

Want an Easier Option?

You can use Skype's Meet Now feature to invite a guest into your live videos without needing a Skype ID at all. Here's how:

Step 1: Go the Skype Conference Page

Open up an internet browser and type or copy/paste this URL:

Step 2: Create a Free Meeting

Click on the button to create a free meeting. This will generate a call link in one simple click.

Step 3: Send the Call Link to Your Guest

Email, DM, text or otherwise send your newly created Skype Meeting Call Link to your guest. They do NOT need a Skype ID to click through and join the meeting. If they have Skype, clicking the link will open up their Skype app and connect them through. If they do not, it'll open Skype in their internet browser.

Step 4: Make Sure NDI is Turned On

See step 2 above for full instructions on how to turn NDI on in Skype.

Step 5: Open Ecamm Live

Follow all other steps above to pull your Skype guest into Ecamm Live.

Want more help on how to run an interview show and prep for bringing guests on? Read our blog post - Live Interview Tips: What We Learned From Hosting a Live Interview Show

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