Using Interview Mode for Musical Guests

You can use Interview Mode to bring in a live musical guest, but there's a setting you should make first.

Updated over a week ago

Before using Interview Mode for music, be sure to select Turn Off Audio Processing in the Interview Customization screen. (Click the tiny gear button at the bottom on the Interview window.)

This setting requires the guest to be using Chrome on a desktop computer, and cannot be used on mobile or in other browsers.

What the Turn Off Audio Processing Setting Does

This setting enhances musical guests in three different ways:

Disable Audio Processing and Echo Cancellation

By default, Ecamm Live's Interview feature will apply echo cancellation and audio processing to the guest's sound. While this processing improves speech quality and eliminates feedback, it will adversely affect music and needs to be disabled before music will sound great.

IMPORTANT: With Audio Processing turned off, echo cancellation will also be disabled, and guests will need to be wearing headphones to prevent feedback.

Enables Stereo Option For Guests

Normally, guests are mono (one channel). With this setting selected, guests will be presented with the option to be in stereo. They should pick their sound board as their microphone choice in Chrome, and toggle the Stereo switch when joining the call.

High Audio Bitrate

With this setting selected, Ecamm Live will use a higher quality bitrate.

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