With Ecamm Live, you can add up to 5 guests (6 total, including you) using Skype. Each guest will come in as a camera source in Ecamm Live so you can add or remove them from your live stream as you see fit. You can also do things like mute guests or use Camera Effects to enhance their video quality. 

If you're new to Ecamm Live, read here how to bring a Skype guest into your live video.

Adding Multiple Guests

There are two ways to bring multiple Skype guests into your live video: Using Skype Meet Now or Directly in Skype. The difference is in whether or not you know your guests' Skype IDs.

Using Skype Meet Now

This is the easier, more direct option.

Using Skype Meet Now means you do not need to know your guest's Skype ID. You just need to follow the instructions below and you'll be connected. 

Step 1: Open Skype

Select Meet Now in the left hand menu.

This will open a window that looks like this:

Step 2: Share the Invite

As shown above, you can copy the link and share with all participants however works best for you (copy link, via Skype, or through email).

Step 3: Start the Call

This is what it'll look like once both (or more) of your guests join into the Meet Now call. If you need to add anyone else, simply press the add more people button (little person icon in the top right corner).

Now minimize Skype, open Ecamm Live, and add users into your live video using the Video Switcher in Ecamm Live. See instructions below (step 4 on).

Directly in Skype

Step 1: Ask Your Guest for their Skype ID

Well before your scheduled interview, connect with your guest and get their Skype ID. Connect with them on Skype to make sure you have the right person and know how to reach them later.

Do this step for all guests you plan on bringing onto your show. 

Pro tip: if you have any show notes, send it along to your guests at this point. Important things to let your guests know: 

  • Make sure they have a good internet connection 

  • Ask them to find a quiet space and turn off their notifications or go into DND mode

  • Ask them to wear headphones to avoid any echo during the live stream

  • Set up a test call in advance to make sure everything is working correctly

Step 2: Open Skype and Video Call Your First Guest

Search for your guest in your contacts or look up the Skype ID they've provided you with and video call them in.


Step 3: In Skype, add another Skype user to the Call

Stay in Skype, and to the left of your picture (top right hand corner), you'll see an icon that will allow you to add a second person to the call. It looks like a little person with a plus icon next to it. Click that button. That will add a second person into the call.

Step 4: Minimize Skype and Open Ecamm Live

Now that Ecamm Live is open, you'll see your guests come into your Video Switcher.

You can now click on a guest in the Video Switcher to change to their camera feed or click on the small + icon in the top right hand corner of the guest's image to add them into your main scene and create a side-by-side or grid layout (depending on the amount of guests you have).

Step 5: Go Live!

That's it. You're set to go. Now you can have some fun with your live video by adding GIFs, lower thirds, bring in comments, and more.

What About Bringing Guests On and Off?

You can absolutely bring guests on and off your live video show with Skype. 

You can accomplish this by calling them in advance into the group call and just don't add their video feed into Ecamm Live until you're ready (using Scenes will help with this). 

Or you can open Skype while you're live and add someone else into the call. Skype rings silently when you add another guest, so you won't have to worry about ringing sounds disturbing your call. 

Once the guest is done, they just need to hang up on their end to be removed from the call. If you hang up in Skype, you'll disconnect everyone.

Remember, you can mute guests in Ecamm Live and in Skype or have guests mute themselves in Skype if they're waiting in the wings to come on.

Want more help on how to run an interview show and prep for bringing guests on? Read our blog post - Live Interview Tips: What We Learned From Hosting a Live Interview Show

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