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How to Add Your Branded Colors to Your Live Streams
How to Add Your Branded Colors to Your Live Streams

How to add your brand's colors to lower thirds in your live stream using specific HEX color codes.

Updated over a week ago

Give your live stream broadcasts a professional look by adding your brand's colors into your lower thirds using specific HEX color codes.

If you have a specific branded color scheme, you can add those colors into your live stream broadcasts through Text Overlays.

Here's how:

  1. Open Ecamm Live and select New Text Overlay from the Overlays menu at the top of the app.

2. You'll see a new menu pop up that looks like this:

3. From here, go to the color wheel on the right (if you don't see the color wheel immediately, you can select the color wheel at the bottom left of the text menu to open it).

4. In the color wheel screen, select the second image at the top and then select RGB Sliders in the top drop down menu.

You'll see Hex Color # at the bottom of this menu and you can then copy/paste in your specific brand color here.

This will change the text to your branded colors!

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