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Using Ecamm for Zoom with Elgato Stream Deck
Using Ecamm for Zoom with Elgato Stream Deck
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Streamlining your llvestreaming and recording workflows has never been easier with Ecamm for Zoom and the Elgato Stream Deck.

The Ecamm For Zoom Stream Deck plugin adds 14 Zoom-specific actions to your Stream Deck.


Upon running Ecamm Live v4.3 or newer, if you have the Elgato Stream Deck app installed, Ecamm will automatically prompt you to install or update your Ecamm Stream Deck plugins.

Once installed, the new Ecamm for Zoom plugin action will appear in your Stream Deck desktop app.

If you are not prompted automatically, you can find the option to install or update the plugin in the Ecamm Live menu next to the  menu.

Setting Up Your Stream Deck Actions

To add and configure a Stream Deck button, drag it to an available button area on the Steam Deck configuration screen..

Ecamm For Zoom Stream Deck Buttons

New Meeting

To use your Zoom Personal Meeting ID, pick the option to use your personal meeting ID.

Leave/End Meeting

A checkbox provides the ability to also end the meeting for everyone. (This only works if you're the meeting host.)

Audio Mute/Unmute

This control only the microphone settings within your Zoom meeting without affecting the primary mic settings in the Ecamm Sound Levels panel.

Mute All

Mute and unmute all participants in your meeting. (Note that this won't work if no one has joined by audio of you are not the host or co-host.)

Start/Stop Video

Control your video feed.

  • Press the "Stop Video" button to stop your video

  • Press again to start your video

Raise/Lower Hand

Let others know you have something to say by raising your hand

  • Press the Raise Hand button to raise your hand in Zoom.

  • Press it again to lower your hand.

Show/Hide Panels

Show or hide specific panels like participants, chat, and sharing within your Zoom meeting.

  • Configure the button to show/hide different panels via a dropdown menu.

Full Screen

Maximize your Zoom window for a better view. Pressing the key again will exit full screen mode.

Recording Options

Start and stop local and cloud recordings This is a dual-action button. The first press activates the feature, and the second press deactivates it.

  • Local Recording: Records the meeting on your computer.

  • Cloud Recording: Saves the recording to Zoom's cloud storage.

  • Pause Recording: Pauses or resumes any ongoing recording.

Navigate Gallery View

For meetings with numerous participants, navigate through gallery pages. Use Previous Gallery and Next Gallery buttons to move through the pages.

Gallery/Speaker Toggle

Switch between Zoom's gallery view and speaker view.

By following these instructions, you can make the most of Ecamm for Zoom and your Stream Deck to create a more efficient and engaging meeting experience. For further assistance, visit the Ecamm community.

Enjoy your enhanced Zoom meetings!!

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