Ecamm Live's Background Items

What are Background Items and should I allow them to run?

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What are Background Items?

On macOS Ventura and newer, users have control over allowing apps to run background items (helper processes). In order for Ecamm Live to function properly, it's important to allow permission for these processes to run in the background.

When installing Ecamm Live's System Audio or Virtual Microphone components, you may notice a notification like this:

Checking If Ecamm Network's Items Are Allowed

If you're a Ventura or Sonoma user and are having trouble with Ecamm Live's System Audio or Virtual Microphone features, check to make sure these permissions are correct or reset these permissions.

To do this:

  1. Open the System Settings app in the  menu.

  2. Click on General.

  3. Click on Login Items.

  4. Make sure the switch for Ecamm Network, LLC is active.

  5. You can try turning it off and back on again as a troubleshooting step and then Restart your computer.

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