Ecamm's Built-in Internet Speed Test

Use our speed test to easily determine if you're able to live stream and multistream effectively

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Ecamm's new internet speed test for live streaming will help you easily determine if you're able to live stream effectively, how many destinations you can stream to, and what output quality will work best for your connection.

Our speed test is built right into Ecamm Live and makes it easy for you to make quick adjustments to ensure you have the speed you need to livestream your shows, podcasts, and more.

The speed test feature requires macOS 12 Monterey or newer.

To find the speed test, make sure stream mode is toggle on and then go down to "New." When you add a destination (or multiple destinations), you'll see the stream test at the bottom of the window.

If you get a green checkmark, you're good to go. If you get a red X, you'll need to make adjustments using the Stream Settings before going live.

You can make changes by clicking the Stream Settings or going to Ecamm's Preferences menu under "Stream."

The following things can affect your ability to stream:

  1. How many destinations you've selected

  2. Your stream size

  3. Your frame rate

  4. High Quality Mode setting

Simply make changes to one of more of these options and you'll be ready to go live.

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