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Apple Silicon Macs vs Intel Macs
Apple Silicon Macs vs Intel Macs

Knowing the differences between Apple Silicon Macs and previous versions.

Updated over a week ago

At the end of 2020, Apple began transitioning from Intel processors to its new Apple Silicon Macs. As of 2023, Apple now has M1 /M2/M3 Apple Silicon Macs. While Apple still supports Macs with Intel processors, their focus is now on Apple Silicon.

What does this mean for Ecamm members?

Our goal remains empowering as many people as possible to be successful in the world of live streaming and video creation. As such, Ecamm members with Intel Macs will still be able to use the vast majority of features within Ecamm Live.

However, Ecamm Live does have two features that require Apple Silicon Macs:

  • Inviting 10 guests using Interview Mode (Intel Macs are limited to 4 guests)

  • Recording isolated video tracks

Why? Apple Silicon Macs have the processing power and thermal efficiency needed to ensure these features run smoothly and professionally.

Do I need to buy a new Mac?

You don't need to immediately run out and purchase a new computer, but if you're looking to upgrade, make sure that you choose one of the Apple Silicon Macs in order to take full advantage of Ecamm Live's feature set.

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