What is Interview Mode?

Interview Mode, which is currently in public beta, allows you to bring remote guests into your live stream. Guests join from a web browser using an invite link, and don't need Ecamm Live.

How do I get the public beta so I can try out Interview Mode?

Interview Mode is in public beta. To join the public beta, simply download the latest beta version of Ecamm Live here or by joining our Ecamm Live Beta Group on Facebook.

How does the public beta download work?

The public beta is available to Pro subscribers who would like to try the new Interview feature and share feedback with our team on their experience.

Ecamm Live Beta is a separate app from the non-beta Ecamm Live. You can keep both apps in your Applications folder, and switch between them freely without causing any problems. Settings such as preferences and scenes will show up in both versions of the app.

The beta version will prompt you to update when a new beta version becomes available.

Which Ecamm Live subscription plan do I need to use Interview Mode?

Interview Mode requires an Ecamm Live Pro subscription. Ecamm Live Standard plan subscribers and trial users will be able to trial Interview Mode.

How do guests join?

You'll provide your guest with a special web link. Your guest clicks this link, and joins via a web browser. You'll see and hear them ringing in Ecamm Live, and you'll click to start the connection.

What is the greenroom?

The greenroom is where your guests wait before brining them into the broadcast.

How do I return guests to the greenroom?

To do this click on the blue "solo" button on your own video within the Ecamm Live Interview Mode window. This will place your guest(s) back into the green room and you will be solo on the live broadcast.

What are the system requirements to use Interview Mode?

For the best experience, we recommend a MacBook Pro or iMac manufactured within the past 5 years and a stable internet connection with at least 10 Mbps of bandwidth.

How many guests can join at once?

Interview Mode allows you to bring on up to 4 guests at a time.

Does Interview Mode have a green room feature?

Yes. Once a broadcast or recording begins, the greenroom will activate and any guests who have not been added to the broadcast will be automatically muted until they are live.

Can I keep using Skype for interviews?

Yes, if you want to! All Ecamm Live members will still have the option to add guests via Skype NDI.

Do my guests need to have Ecamm Live? Do they need to be on a Mac?

Guests join your broadcast from a web browser, so they do not need the Ecamm Live app or subscription plan.

This can be on any reasonably recent computer (Mac or Windows PC) or any mobile device. (iPhone or iPad is recommended, but most Android devices will work too.)

Whenever possible, it is best for your guests to be on a desktop or laptop computer instead of a mobile device.

Can I try Interview Mode if I’m a Ecamm Live Standard subscriber or in a 14-day trial?

Yes, both Standard users and trial users can try interview mode for 2 hours before upgrading or signing up for Pro.

Why does Interview Mode limit connected time rather than providing unlimited connection time?

In order to provide the best possible quality of service and broadcast quality video and sound, we're not able to make our service completely unlimited. Instead, subscribers will get a certain number of hours of Interview time allotted each month (or each year for annual subscriptions.).

We consider the allotted amount to be enough so that the vast majority of users will not run into the limit.

How many hours of Interview time do I get with my Ecamm Live subscription?

Ecamm Live Pro Monthly Subscription: 20 hours each month

Ecamm Live Pro Annual Subscription: 250 hours annually

Plan time resets on your subscription renewal date.

Additional time can be purchased within the app.

Does Interview time roll over from month to month?

Plan time (monthly or yearly allotted hours) does not roll over, and resets on your plan renewal date.

If I do more than 20 hours of interviews each month, can I get more even more Interview time? How much does it cost?

You can purchase 20 additional hours of Interview time for $14.95. This is done in the Ecamm Live app. Additional hours do not expire. Plan allotted time will always be used before purchased additional time is drawn upon.

How does the Interview time tracking work? Do hours count if we’re not streaming or recording? Does it matter how many guests join?

Time is counted starting when the first guest's call is answered by the host and ends when the last guest's call disconnects. Time starts counting as soon as you answer the call, even if you are not recording or broadcasting. It doesn't matter how many guests join at a time.

Can I use Interview Mode as a replacement for my normal video conferencing app?

Absolutely! Remember, however, that interview time is not unlimited.

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