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Can I use an eGPU with Ecamm Live?
Can I use an eGPU with Ecamm Live?

An eGPU (external GPU) can speed up some tasks, but is not necessary for Ecamm Live.

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Apple added eGPU support in macOS 10.13. This allows you to connect an eGPU to your Mac. An eGPU is an external graphics card, and can speed up certain graphics and compute tasks.

A GPU performs several important functions:

  1. Driving your display(s) (monitors)

  2. Rendering 2D and 3D graphics

  3. Compute tasks (such as mining Bitcoin and crunching neural networks)

Should you get an eGPU for live streaming with Ecamm Live?

Ecamm does not suggest getting an eGPU for Ecamm Live. For most situations, the Mac's built-in graphics card will work perfectly for the rendering tasks Ecamm Live needs to do.

Why not? What is an eGPU good for?

If you are planning to connect multiple large displays to your Mac, then an eGPU would be a good idea, as multiple displays can use a lot of a graphics card's available memory.

How can I tell macOS to use the eGPU for Ecamm Live.

To use an eGPU with Ecamm Live, follow these easy steps:

  1. Find Ecamm Live in the Finder.

  2. Click on it and do Get Info from the File menu

  3. In the Get Info panel, check Prefer External GPU.

  4. Close the Get Info panel.

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