Presenting a PDF in Ecamm Live

How to show a PDF presentation in Ecamm Live with a camera Picture-in-Picture.

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Here are some quick steps to add a PDF presentation to your Ecamm Live broadcast:

  1. Create a new Scene by picking New Empty Scene from the Scenes menu, or by clicking the + button in the Scenes window.

  2. Choose Blank from the Source menu at the top of the screen, and you'll see a black screen.

  3. Now drag a PDF file into Ecamm Live's main window. It will be displayed. You can navigate through the PDF's pages using the left and right arrow button, or the arrow keys on your Mac's keyboard. To jump to a page, click the center of the page controls and you'll see a popup menu to select a page. 

You may wish to lock the PDF overlay by clicking the overlays' padlock icon in the Overlays window. This will prevent it from accidentally getting dragged around or resized.

Adding a Camera Picture-in-Picture

To add yourself into the broadcast in a Picture-in-Picture window:

  1. First, check the checkbox in the Video section of the preferences to Show Picture-in-Picture Above Overlays. This will ensure that your camera Picture-in-Picture window shows up on top of your PDF.

  2. Turn on Show Picture-in-Picture mode in the Options menu. Your camera video will then show up as a Picture-in-Picture window. To pick a different camera, use the Camera menu up at the top of the screen.

  3. Position and resize the Picture-in-Picture window as needed. You may also wish to change the shape of the Picture-in-Picture using the Picture-in-Picture Shape menu in the Options menu.

Using a Green Sceen

If you're using a Green Screen, you can key yourself into the PDF presentation:

  1. Turn on Green Screen in the Camera Effects window if it's not already on.

  2. Turn on the Transparent PIP checkbox. This will remove and green screen background you have chosen and allow the PDF to show through instead.

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