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Using NDI Inputs

Ecamm Live supports using NDI inputs such as cameras and titles.

Updated over a week ago

NDI® by Newtek is a protocol for sending A/V data over local area networks.

Ecamm Live will automatically detect Newtek NDI® input sources, such as NDI compatible PTZ cameras, the NDICam iOS app, and titler software that outputs in NDI format. 

Note that some sources, including some NDI-capable PTZOptics cameras, may require you to install Newteks' NDI HX Drivers on your Mac. (Check each camera's documentation.)

NDI sources will automatically show up as cameras in Ecamm Live’s camera list, and as a microphone in Ecamm Live’s microphone list.

For information about using ProPresenter to create titles in Ecamm, read this article:

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