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Switching from Monthly to Annual Billing
Switching from Monthly to Annual Billing

How to switch your Ecamm Live account from a monthly to yearly billing cycle.

Updated over a week ago

If you've subscribed to one of Ecamm Live's monthly subscription plans, you can change to an annual billing plan at any time. Annual plans will result in a 20% savings over monthly.
To change to an annual subscription, open Ecamm Live, go to the Ecamm Live menu at the top of the screen beside the  menu, and select Preferences. Then go to the Account tab. 

Once you are in the Account section, you will see a Switch To Yearly Billing button. Click this button, and it will take you through the steps to update your account. 

After entering your account password, click the orange SWITCH TO YEARLY BILLING button.

Charges are prorated, meaning you will be billed the difference between your current monthly payment and the new yearly rate.

To switch from an annual plan to a monthly plan, contact support.

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