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Cancelling an Ecamm Live Subscription
Cancelling an Ecamm Live Subscription

Instructions on how to cancel your Ecamm Live subscription.

Updated over a week ago

We know things don't always go as planned. Please be sure to let us know if there's any support we can provide before cancelling. 

To reach support, click the orange button in the bottom right of the web browser window.

To cancel your Ecamm Live Monthly or Annual subscription:

  1. Open the Ecamm Live app on your Mac.

  2. Pick Preferences in the Ecamm Live menu up at the top of the screen beside the  menu.

  3. Select the Account tab.

  4. Click Manage Billing.

  5. Click on Cancel Subscription.

When cancellation is complete you will receive a cancellation confirmation email to keep for your records.

Once an account is cancelled, you will still have access to your paid account through the end of the-billing period (monthly or annual). 

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