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Using Ecamm Live to Broadcast Your Zoom Calls
Using Ecamm Live to Broadcast Your Zoom Calls

How to use Ecamm Live to stream your Zoom conference to your audience on Facebook or YouTube.

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This article refers to using Zoom without Ecamm's new Zoom integration. Check of Ecamm for Zoom for easy Zoom productions with Ecamm Live.

Zoom is an easy-to-use cross-platform video conferencing solution. There are two ways that you can use Ecamm Live to enhance your Zoom chats.

While Ecamm Live doesn't have the same automatic integration with Zoom that it has with Skype, it's still possible to use Ecamm Live to stream your Zoom call to your audience on Facebook or YouTube. To do this, you'll simply need to use Ecamm Live's Screen Share mode to broadcast the Zoom app.

Switch to Screen Share Mode

First, switch to Screen Share mode by clicking the middle button in Ecamm Live's source switcher up at the top of the main window. 

If you see a picture-in-picture window with your camera image, click the PIP button to hide it.

Choose to Share Zoom

Then, pick in the Show menu down at the bottom of the main window. This will share just the Zoom app.

Note: Just setting a blank Desktop? Check this article.

Zoom In To Crop Out Zoom's Control Buttons

Your audience can now see your Zoom app! Now, to crop out the Zoom control buttons, click the + button in the Screen Share controls at the bottom of the main window to zoom in as needed until you no longer see the buttons.

You did it! Now, what about audio?

Check Your Audio Settings

When in Screen Share mode, Ecamm Live will automatically broadcast audio from other apps on your Mac, so your live audience will be able to hear the Zoom call. To ensure that this works correctly, check Zoom's Audio settings, to ensure that its Speaker setting is set to Same As System.

Always Broadcasting System Audio

If you want to broadcast Zoom's audio all the time, (even when you switch away from screen sharing mode), set Broadcast System Audio to Always in Ecamm Live's Audio preferences.

Preventing an Echo

When streaming a Zoom call, it's possible to end up with an echo on the broadcast when your remote guests speak. You won't hear this as the host, but your audience may hear it. There are two easy ways to prevent an echo:

  1. Wear headphones during the call. (No need for your guests to wear headphones, just the host.)

  2. OR, use an external microphone and turn on Ecamm Live's Echo Cancellation feature.


For a detailed walkthrough, check out these two tutorial videos below from community member Rob VanArsdall.

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