Going Live to a Facebook Group

Details and troubleshooting for live streaming to Facebook Groups

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Setting Permissions

When logging into Facebook for the first time, Ecamm Live will  ask for permission to manage Pages and Groups. Be sure to accept these prompts.

If you need to change these permissions later, visit the Facebook Business Integrations page and click on Ecamm Live for Mac. If you have trouble broadcasting to a particular destination, come back to these settings within Facebook to ensure you’re allowing access as intended.

Adding Ecamm Live to a Facebook Group

In order to use Ecamm Live with a Facebook Group, a Group admin must add Ecamm Live to the Group. To do this:

  1. Go to your Group on Facebook.

  2. Pick Group Settings in the left-hand side bar.

  3. In the settings, scroll down to the Manage Advanced Settings and click the pencil icon beside the word Apps.

  4. Click the blue Add Apps button.

  5. Search for Ecamm Live in the list of apps and click on it.

  6. Click the blue Add button.

You’ll only have to do this once per Group. Once enabled, all Group members will see Ecamm Live listed in Ecamm Live’s Post to menu.

Other Considerations

If Ecamm Live is showing an error message when posting or scheduling to a Group, try the steps here and here.

Restrictions on Group Comments

Due to Facebook privacy restrictions, when broadcasting to a Facebook Group, Ecamm Live is not able to display Group member names and profile photos unless the Group members have explicitly granted permission to the Ecamm Live app. This means that comments from Group members who have not granted permission will show up anonymously.

Inviting Group Members to Grant Permission

To invite Group members to grant their permission, click the Invite Group Members button at the bottom of the Comments and Reactions Window. The window will change to display an invitation link. Provide this link to Group members.

There is also a checkbox for automatically adding this link to your broadcast’s post description on Facebook.

The link will display a web page where Group members can log into Facebook and grant permission to Ecamm Live.

Group members will only need to do this once, and from that point on, comments in Ecamm Live will show up with their name and profile photo.

The code number provided in the link is unique to you and the Group, so it can also be used as a link to invite viewer to your broadcast.

Note that the above information about anonymous comments and inviting Group members only applies to Facebook Groups. Public live streams to a Facebook Profile or business Page will display all comments and their associated names and profile photos without any special action by viewers.

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